Weigh in 21

This weeks weigh in was a weigh and run as i went to a evening class as apposed to my normal morning. I am totally amazed by this weeks loss to say the least.  I  lost 3lbs bringing my  total to 38lbs loss (2 stone  10lbs) im so chuffed. I am only 4lbs away from target.

I cant say ive done anything different this week coz i havent. I didnt do any dog walking, feel a bit tight on the dog. But ive done extra (11 hour) shifts in work and they was plenty of body magic. I ordinarily do three 8 hour shifts a week (i do have 4 kids, a house to run and a voluntary toddler group to run also) and they are mainly on the  till in a petrol station with a massive spar. I do replenish stock but everything around the till, ciggys, batteries, chewy, medicines etc. But relatively 80% of the shift is in the same spot. This week  ive fitted in two 11 hour shifts which is shop floor, putting out the orders, cleaning the forecourt, stocking  up shelves, taking out the rubbish. So as you  can imagine, my body magic is in top form this week. They good thing about being in work so much aside from the pay at  the end of the month, is that im too busy to be hungry. Obviously i took lots of fruit to snack on and a decent sized healthy lunch. But i didn’t get urges for chocolate.

4lbs away from target, im super excited i can almost touch it. I cant believe how far ive come. Slimming world is amazing. I nearly never made it through those doors. I thought OMG FUSSY EATER ALERT. Most diets i look at want you to eat big portions than i actually do. I only eat small portions at meal times, the older kids eat bigger meals than me. My issue is in between meals, and late night snacks. Walking through the kitchen a little bourbon biscuit here and there. On the hop to work a wispa in the car. My packed lunch consisted of a butty, pack of crisps and one/two chocolate bars. Two sugars in me brew. MY breaky was a massive bowl of cornflakes smothered  in sugar. So i was thinking theyare going to force me to eat more real food than i do and no chocolate and treats for the rest of my life…. Ive done slimfast, which  work, i was starving never satisfied but i got some weight off. The problem was it all went back on and then some. I tried exercising but still eating the same rubbish, but put on more weight because i was getting off the rowing machine and feeling more hungry, oh a wagon wheel why not 🙂 . I kept seeing people around me with amazing results, friends, neighbours even a family member who has struggled with her weight since a child, shes been at target for around two years…. So after much deliberation i thought lets give it a try, if it doesn’t work fine at least i had a crack at it. On the first day my consultant asked me for a target if i had one and a interim target, i said id like to lose a stone by Christmas. It was after all mid September so that was just about achievable i thought. My fabulous consultant said “oh  you’ll easy do that before then” Good with the patter i thought, keep them coming back.. But within 7 weeks i had my stone award, and then achieved two stone the week before Christmas.  Another thought i remember is it may take a while to shift my hopeful three stone, maybe a year if not more.. 21 weeks in  and im 4lbs away OMG love this plan.

The  only thing im not happy with is i still have a bit of flab on my belly. I dont want to lose more than my target (dont want to lose any more boob haha) No seriosly im very happy with my figure, my arms, legs, bum, face etc. Just the excess on my belly. You cant see it when im dress, but when i get changed and see its there it messes with my head. I have had four kids i know…. I really need to do something to tone up that mid section, im realistic and dont think i can shift it all, but just half would do.. If any readers have any hints, tips or advice please please share… Unless its to get surgery im not that annoyed by it….


Weigh in 20

Yippee.. so i lost 0.5lbs woop woop. Which is amazing considering home much i drank on my night out. That little half a pound also got me my 2 & 1/2 stone award. I also picked up my bronze and silver body magic awards. So all round good day 🙂




Weigh In 19

A loss of 1.5lbs, happy me that’s 34.5 lbs totals. I am miffed by the fact im only 0.5 away from my next awards boo.  But on a very good not im only 7.5lbs away from target….

So in group today i got the question “what tips would you give to new members” i don’t know why i was so shocked, ive heard this question being asked a million times to people who have lost a big amount, are close to target or are target members so i should of seen it coming. Well i turned into a waffling womble and i don’t even know if i made any sense lmao  I have since thought of all the fabulous things i should of said and not what i was thinking everyone wanted to be said. Im going to do a post in a few days on my own tips to anyone starting off on the slimming world journey.

More and more people are commenting on my new slim figure which is a brill boost to me ego ;).

When my consultant asked what i want to lose over the next week, i said 1lbs as im on a night out.. I had plans….. It was a friends mums 60th. So my plan was… save some flexible syns (check), fill up my belly before i went (check), if i do eat at the buffet then only eat free foods (check), have my usual tipple of peach snapps an diet lemo but only order singles (kinda check)they didnt have diet, and last but not least NO SHOTS (ERRRMMMM FAIL). The no shots rule was for two reasons, first reason is when i start i cant stop,   and two i had work the next  day.  one sambucca, two sambucca,  three sambucca MORE….. So the little 1lbs loss might not happen but fingers crossed for a maintain 🙂

Weigh in 18

Maintained…. hmm wouldnt say im gutted but im not happy either. To be honest when i was told maintained, i had flashing images of the full fat roast with meat juice gravy, yorkshire puddings and dashing of mint sauce i had on friday. The slightly fuller bowls of cornflakes with a smidge extra sugar,  the fish from the chippy on friday (i always take it out the batter and my last bite is with batter doused in salt an vinegar) but i had three, no four….. ok lets be honest it was five, you got me. Oh and the big bite of that yummy doughnut the little man had. Plus ive been full of flu, so ive been filling myself up on all the flu meds i can get my hands on.
So will all those images i decided i dodged a bullet and have gained. 🙂

So anyway at group today my consultant que jumped me then heisted me to the chair.. Apparently im now training as part of the social team doing the scales lmao. Im happy to help to be honest. And its a compliment to be trusted to be confidential an non-judgmental about peoples stats. Not that i remember any, your more focused on getting the book filled and the que down to remember anyones vital satistics, just like being in my normal work lmao

I went shopping after group an got lots of free food in an super speeds to give myself a kick up the bum for the week ahead.
So fingers crossed i dont get a little tempted haha

Its offical.. the world knows im slim

I was in work last night… (first shift back after jury duty) and one of our regulars came in. First thing he said was “omg you’ve lost weight, not that i think you was big in the first place. But your looking really healthy. Well done” i also had a few double takes, not coz they think im a godess 😇 but because they can see something different.

I did put a journey picture on my facebook wall at the 2 stone loss mark. To let my family and friends know my secret, that yes i have lost weight, and yes you can comment on it lmao. But my profile is closed and i only have people i really really know on there. So no customers lmao. But it feels good that people can actually SEE it 🙂

Weigh in 17

Another 2lbs off bringing me to a 2st 5lbs loss. Really chuffed and a big pat on my back. Im only 9lb away from target but i dont know if im going to shift my goal, im not feeling happy entirely. I love my slim legs an slim arms. But not happy withy middle section. I have started body magic, which to dog is made up with coz mummys taking her for big walks rather than the kids running her round the block for ten mins.
My hubby keeps telling me im a slim jim an theres nothing left of me. But even my target weight is 1st 7lbs heavier then what i was when we met. I was a kid mind but still…

last weeks body magic consisted of the walks from the train station to the court  (jury duty) and two 30in walks with the dog. Which is more than what needed for bronze. Similar is planned for this week. I do more walking than that bit not added it on as i always drop kids off by foot etc… so i wouldn’t count that as extra activities/exercise for the award.

i got on a case at jury duty an still have time for more. Some people are on case 3/4. When on a case its a brill an serious experienc. I loved mine assessing the evidence,  listening to witnesses an defendant. Then the deliberation. Its definitely something i will be jumping up for to have another go. I still urge you to take reading materials an things to do to entertain yourself during cases. But all in all its an amazimg experience.
From a slimmimg world point of view an fussy eater alert. Take a packed lunch 🙂

Weigh in 16

Another 1.5lbs off thats 2st 3lbs (31 lbs) total loss. I cant believe i still not had a gain through my journey.

Ive been summoned for jury duty this week along with another 199 people. For anyone who ever gets summoned. I urge you take things to do. Books, magazine’s, paper work, your tablet/ipad. It gets boring whilst your not on a case.
You get a money allowence, the court im in pay it at the end of your service. You get it no matter if you eat at the small cafe, go out for dinner or bring a packed lunch. Day one i brought aload of fruit an ate in the cafe. They had jacket potato with a variety of filling, chips, rice an each day a diff food like curry chilli con carne. Plus sandwiches. As a fussy eater my only option was a sandwich so thats what i had.
So the rest off this week i have just brought a packed lunch. I dont wonna be boredom buying crisps chips choc bars..

Im only 11 lbs away from target. Im pretty happy with how slim ive become. My face is thinner, i dont look so broad, my legs are thin and theres a gap when i stand with my legs together. Its the flab on my waist and belly im not happy with it. I have had 4 kids so its lost its toned abilities. So im deffo going to start some body magic and get it toned

Just adding a little update to this post, I actually got slimmer of the week as well 🙂

slimmer of the week

Weigh in 15

I couldnt make my normal weigh in on tuesday coz a shift at work. So i went to another local group on friday. To my amazement i have maintained. Im so chuffed. I had a proper full fat xmas tea. And we had a party at our house for new years eve and i consumed my body weight an then some in alcohol. I had a massive hangover in thursday, i actually only started to feel normal at 8pm on friday. But i had a good night with family and made some funny memories so it was worth it. I got my new sw pack. Ive had a quick read. I was expecting lots of awful changes after reading some of the comments online. Im not sure what they are all moaning about. Its still the same extra easy plan with a extra easy sp as a boost. Which is just same as tge success express was. Some people just cant cope or comprehend change. Just like all the kicking off over the micromeals that iceland ate going to do. I think there a good idea. A good fall back plan when you just havent got time or have ran out of your own bulk stock of frozen food. If people dont agree or like them dont buy them. They rage like sw is telling them its a must an have guns pointing at there heads. But anyway enough raging from me.
I have been summoned for jury duty next week, exciting an scary. Ill get a food voucher but am going to load a bag with fruit an free foods as im not sure what will be there.

Wk 14 weigh in & and funeral

What a rollercoaster day.. so weighed in and lost 1 & 1/2 lbs bringing my total to 29 & 1/2lbs. I stayed to group to try and keep things a little normal. There was only four of us that stayed and the consultant but we had a good old natter about how we are all going to deal with christmas. Got loads more wrapping done then heading off to the funeral to say goodbye to my hubbys beloved nan. Was such an emotional day. And poor grandad, it was horrible seeing him without her. Nan was the rock, the glue, the voice. Its going to be a massive whole in everyones lives.

Week 13 weigh in

Woooopppppp go me. Im am amazeballs if i do say so myself. I lost 3 1/2 lbs this week meaning a total of 28lbs gone for good and i got my 2stone award yippeee


I couldn’t believe it when i stepped on the scales. It could be all the stress from our recent loses but ill take the loss.

Its strange though. Do everyone whos lost still have a fat brain. What i mean is i know im slimmer an i know im putting smaller sizes on. But i still think like im my starting weight. I was buying a suitable top for the funeral (which is the 23rd) i picked up a size 12, which is what a few people have told me ill fit into. I had to much stuff to hit the changing rooms so just brought it. In the que to pay i was stressing it wont fit, it’ll be too tight, I’ll have to go back and exchange it. But when i got home and tried it on. It slide on and even had room for movement. So i decided  to do some milestone photos. I looked at my starting weight pictures. Then my 1 1/2 st pics. The stood an looked in the mirror.. i was like half the size i  picture myself in my head. Im a stone away from target so still have flabby bits. I just hope when i get there my brain recognises that im slimmer lmao